Monday, April 20, 2009

Christians do UnChristlike things!

Just one more exam and I will no longer be a Mount Royal College student...
The year's gone by so fast! I've learned a lot... and not just from classes, either.
I'm excited for Vancouver, but I'll definitely miss MRC and the friends I made!
Gosh I remember being so nervous/excited for it!

I LOOOOOOVE Niko's Bistro in Kensington! I went there with my parents and we had a nice talk.
I like that my parents are so open minded and that they're going to love me no matter what.
Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure to get married and have kids (even though that's SO far away!).
But my parents said they'd be cool if I stayed single and childless for my whole life.
As long as I'm happy that way.
I think I do want kids one day... with a man that I love.
But marriage.............. I'm not so sure.

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