Thursday, May 14, 2009

just cause

Because Garrett and I were talking about it today, here's my Summer 2009 to-do list:

-Find 2nd job
-Find an apartment
-Film videos of me and Kathryn singing in my car
-Write a love song with Kathryn (but not about Kathryn)
-Screenwriting at VFS for a whoooooooole week!
-Miss Stampede and not care
-Clean out everything
-Take pics with my friends!
-Pack up my life and leave!


Anonymous said...

Add Come to Orlando and see my showw! June 19th-29th. I would love some tips from yahh. I can tell from your blog there are creative juices a flowin in ya

Sarah said...

Wow that sounds awesome! Sadly I'm far too poor to fly to the States right now. :(